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New version of player is available: SkySat Player 2.0 for Windows.

19/06/2017 04:20

New version of player is available: SkySat Player 2.0 for Windows.

Program features:

1. Fast start and switching
2. Player work is improved at slow internet connection
3. One-click start
4. New design
5. Better video quality

Please download the SkySat Player 2.0. for the player using. Install the program. Log in on and click the button SkySat 2 Start and log in. This button is on the left and in Subscription section.

We highly recommend to use and install the new player for Windows platform. For Android, Iphone, MacOS, Windows Phone, Linux, SmartTV users we recommend to download playlist into anyone iptv-player from App store.

If you have some troubles with using our service, please contact the support. We try to help you.

Remind you that 1 account = 1 device. Simultaneous using of account on 2 or more devices is forbidden and leads to blocking of account.

Blocking time:

30 min - first time
90 min - second time
270 min - third time

If you accidentally start program on 2 devices and your account is blocked, please connect the support. You can register another account if it's necessary.


Software update

03/03/2017 03:16

Skysat WEB-DVB-S2-T2 player is a new version of program, that maintains television new standards and available for  Windows 7,8,10, Windows Mobile, Linux, Android, MacOS including Iphone and Ipad platforms.

We have added 2 new buttons on our website for more convenient using of our program. You should simply press the button to start program up.
If the new version of program does not work, you have an opportunity to use old one or contact us.

Skysat Player 1.0.4

05/10/2012 19:37

A new 1.0.4 version of Skysat Player is avalaible for download for Windows XP, Windows Vista (x86 and x64), Windows 7 (x86 and x64), Windows 8 (x86 and x64). ARM version of Windows 8 is not supported.


Changed: Fixed issue in installer.

You can download the program from this page.

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